• Amanda Kristapsons

Invite the indoors out

Updated: May 31, 2021

Ever dreamed of that outdoor living area that begs you to stop all your domestic obligations, step outside and just relax? We know how to make that happen. Whether it is a louvre, pergola, gazebo, insulated, single skin roof or retractable awning, outdoor shading options are what we can design and create in order for you to maximise the living spaces of your home.

Ever heard the phrase, “what was in, is now out”? Homes are becoming more and more about what is on offer outdoors. Patios and pergolas make for better living rooms, and now you do not have to wait for the perfect weather to create these rooms, the expansive range of our products will have a solution for everyone.

Why sit inside with an air-conditioner running when you can be outside experiencing coastal breezes and shaded areas for free? Why slave and sweat over the stove when you can have your kitchen outdoors?

Creating your outdoor living area should be an extension of your home. Your roofing options should be styled to yours and your family’s needs. Whether that looks like an outdoor covered room, patio or pergola, we have flexibility to design your ideal space.

Extend your living areas outdoors.

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