• Amanda Kristapsons

What you need to know about building permits

Updated: May 31, 2021

Getting cracking on designing and styling a new alfresco entertaining area is super exciting, however before you get carried away with your ideas, there are some things you need to know about your project, most importantly information around building permits.

Having a building permit offers protection and peace of mind. There are two types of permits that may be required. A planning permit covers points such as aesthetics and boundary regulations, while a building permit covers things like compliance with safety regulations and construction details. Coastline Alfresco engage a registered building surveyor for all building permits.

If you’re looking at adding a louvered roof, verandah or patio you will need to obtain a building permit. One of the exemptions from the requirement for a building permit is for the construction of a pergola. A 'pergola' is an open structure that is unroofed. For this exemption the pergola needs to be no more than 20m2 in floor area and no more than 3.6m in height. Essentially, this means there are few examples where an outdoor roofing structure does not require a building permit.

If a company is not willing to do a permit, you should be questioning their integrity. The onus is on you, the owner, as is the exposure to liability. Often we hear "look I’ve spoken to someone else and they’ve said you don’t need a permit"... short story, this is just not true.

In an ideal world we'd all love to just get on with the exciting stuff, colour and material selection from our mood boards, however the most important step in the process is the permit. There is no need to stress about this though, as we get this organised for you!

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