• Amanda Kristapsons

Which shading option style and colour?

Whether you are buying a new house or constructing one, selecting the right kind of shading option is crucial to your outdoor alfresco areas. There are many factors to consider.

The options are endless and choosing which style be it gable, skillion, fly over or a combination of these is the right place to start. Selecting the materials and color of your roof addition are important considerations as they will impact the design and features of your existing home. it is necessary to keep in mind that the roof remains aesthetically pleasing, is cost-effective for its purpose, is durable and energy-efficient.

The type of roof you choose will also determine the cost of maintenance so consideration for the materials used such as timber, steel and aluminium should be a factor and the long and short term durability of these. The roof should be strong enough to protect you from all the extreme weather conditions and give an elegant look to the house you are residing in.

Appearance- The roof design must compliment your existing house, and if you have a particular design, this makes the entire decision-making process much easier. Different eras have shown different designs that can be used in combination with various colors to highlight or disguise. The color you chose also makes a difference as light color roofs will make your roofs look more prominent, whereas a dark color roof will make it look smaller. The choice of colors also makes a difference because the light color roofs will absorb less heat and keep your house cooler and vice versa for dark colors.

Energy-efficient- The roof is not just there to provide for entertaining or protection from harsh weather conditions such as a westerly sunset, but should also improve the home's energy efficiency. The type of material and color play a crucial role in determining the amount of heat that will be absorbed and retained by the roof. If a roof is painted in light-colored or coated in a material that reflects the light this helps to keep the home cooler on hot days.

Affordability- The cost of the roof design that you want for your house is another significant factor. It will help if you decide the materials to use carefully as some materials might be more expensive than others. But, also keep in mind that more affordable options might be compromising the best option for your house and may not be as durable.

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