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What are the benefits of a louvred roof?

Updated: May 31, 2021

A louvered roof is sophisticated and an architectural outdoor splendor. It can be used for entertaining guests or as a custom designed showpiece on your existing home. Louvred roofs increase your property's resale value and offer significant market appeal to the home. Louvered roofs provide a luxury look to the house's exterior area and encourage more buyers to your property in the event of sale. Let us take a look at the benefits of a louvered roof.

Weather protection - louvered roofs provide all-weather protection to the house and homeowners, irrespective of scorching heat or rain. Louvres can be automated and can open or close according to one's convenience at the touch of a button. In extreme weather conditions the automated sensors will close your louvres, protecting your investment as well as your outdoor furnishings. The louvres can be adjusted to provide the right kind of light and air throughout all the seasons by rotating them at the touch of a button.

Improving your social status - Everyone loves someone with an all year alfresco entertaining area. A louvre roof is extremely useful in providing an apt and dedicated outdoor space that can be used in all different weather environments. This outdoor space can also be used as a romantic and lavish place for the family to enjoy dinner.

Increase in resale value - As stated above, the louvered roofs help significantly to increase the house's resale value. But it is to be noted that the rate of investment on these roofs depends on many factors. One such factor is the material with which these roofs are constructed. Our Aluminium louvre blades and stainless steel components are designed to withstand our harsh coastal conditions. We design your louvered roofs to compliment the design of your house and be spacious, sure to impress any visitors or future buyers. If all these factors are taken care of properly, the investment rate on a louvred roof can be improved and maintained significantly.

Energy-efficient - Louvered roofs can be adjusted to bring the right amount of light and air into your house. This, in return, can reduce the cost of energy bills. Similarly, these can also be used to cover the house areas to provide shade, which will reduce the heat in summer and keep the house cool.

The long term investment of louvered roofs are many, they beautify an outdoor space.

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